Our Sikka Platform Cloud uses a single API so you can quickly build secure apps for over 96% of dental, veterinary, audiology and optometry industries. Those apps are included in the Sikka Marketplace.

The Sikka Ecosystem harnesses the power of over 36 unique apps for you to gain full control of your practice, while viewing real-time industry metrics, securely - all at your fingertips!

To manage your practice on-the-go, download Practice Mobilizer from your favorite app store:

Sikka for
Small Business

Join our Ecosystem and build your own Apps for your small business! Use our API to gain access to all the opt-in HIPAA / HITECH compliant rich data that a healthcare practice generates. We provide options for smaller companies with a drastically reduced licensing fee.

Sikka for Small Business

Sikka for Small Enterprise

Sikka for

Join our Ecosystem and build your own Enterprise Apps! We provide a variety of different licensing options to scale with your business. We offer a support portal and direct access to our technical teams, in case any questions arise.


Small Business

License Pricing $7.5k License – 3 year recurring subscription
Monthly Pricing $35 / Practice / Month for up to 3 Providers. Prorated
charge for extra providers. Alternatively 30% of rev share.
Minimum $5,000 per month
API Rate Limit 80 MB / Practice / Day
SPC Refresh Limit Once per day
Data Types Allowed Practice, Provider, Appointment, Patient
Support Through Sikka Customer Support site


License Pricing $190k - $3.8M 3 year license includes national trends
Monthly Pricing $25 - $150 / Practice Month
No Minimum Pricing
API Rate Limit Unlimited
SPC Refresh Limit Varies
Data Types Allowed All Practice, Patient + Optimizer and Mobilizer KPI's
Support Install training. Support Portal. Direct access to Sikka technical teams

Thank you for your interest in the Sikka API. This API is designed to provide tools and resources for the Developer community. It gives you access to all the opt-in HIPAA / HITECH compliant rich data that a healthcare practice generates. Sikka partners include small startups as well as Fortune 500 companies, and the API is tailored to be suitable for any size company.

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We’re dedicated to providing you with innovative tools to help you make the most of your healthcare through our secure cloud applications. Maximize your effectiveness in the time that you spend looking at information and access the world's best Apps to free up the data locked away inside legacy systems.

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Sikka Software Corporation began to help healthcare providers optimize their businesses via a series of easy to use cloud-based Apps, utilizing the Sikka Platform Cloud with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Through the years, we have developed into the U.S. leader in business intelligence software for healthcare industries with thousands of installations.